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Edging , Mulch and Pine Needle Services

Serving the Metro Charlotte Area

Mulch not only enhances the appearance of your grounds, it enhances the health of your plants and trees in it:

• Replenishes your grounds’ minerals by providing the proper balance of nutrients to the surrounding soil.
• Maintains the right amount of moisture required for healthy growth.
• Slows the growth of weeds and prevents soil erosion.
• Lowers the temperature of the soil during hot summer months, reducing the need to water as frequently.
• Deters animals from digging near your plants.

Selecting and Applying Mulch

There are many varieties of mulch and the selection will depend on your needs, preferences, and/or the kinds of trees, plants, landscaping, and conditions on your property. Some types of mulch are best for sloped areas, while others are used to promote your plants’ root growth or to repel certain insects. Applying the right amount of mulch is crucial, since too little mulch won’t protect your plantings and too much can cause root rot and fungus.

Horrigan Landscape Group’s experts will help you select the right kind of mulch for your purposes and will determine how your areas of coverage require. We apply only premium mulch for all installations — other mulch can contain toxic substances or preservatives that will destroy your soil’s composition or may include destructive insects that will contaminate your yard or home. Horrigan Landscape Group’s services and products will help ensure a beautiful, healthy property and protected plantings.

Protect Your Mulch with Edging

Edging is used to separate the mulch from your lawn and to prevent mulch from disturbances or erosion. Horrigan Landscape Group prepares these areas with deep, defined edges that produce crisp lines, keeping your landscaping looking finished and well maintained.

Charlotte Mulch and Pine Needle Installation Services

Refresh or upgrade the look of your grounds with professional edging and mulching services from Horrigan Landscape Group’s local lawn and landscaping experts. We provide regular, reliable, no-excuses maintenance and are happy to help you determine what kind of mulch should be installed on your grounds or in your yard.

Horrigan Landscape Group provides pine straw, natural types of mulch such as cypress and hardwood, wheat straw and installation services to both commercial and residential clients. In addition, we have mulches and pine nuggets which we will gladly deliver and install.

Throughout the Charlotte, we are known for our professionalism, reliability, quick turnaround time, very competitive pricing, and the exceptional care we take to make your property look its best. We use only the highest quality products including virtually flawless hand-raked long needle pine straw and the finest mulch available.

Landscape Design & Installations

A well-designed landscape will add curb appeal and increase the value of your home.  Whether you want to create from scratch for a new house or giving an existing landscape a new look, it is well worth the investment, especially when you take into account how much a thoughtful plan can enhance your enjoyment of your home.

If the thought of remaking your yard in a landscaping project is daunting, Horrigan Landscape Group can help.  We are your one-stop shop for conceiving a plan, implementing it, and caring for your landscape once we’ve planted.  You’ll find value in our team of professionals and what we can provide in knowledge on design principles, as well as ideas for implementing your own personal touch that makes your landscape unique.

Horrigan Landscape Group will make your landscape project practical and affordable.  We’ll provide ideas that will work for suburban or city landowners who want to create an attractive landscape, that doesn’t have an unlimited budget or un-told hours to make it happen.

We’ll help you envision your ideal landscape and what size space you want to develop.  If you have a passion for plants, we can design beds filled with a wide variety of shrubs, perennials, annuals, and bulbs, or design an easy-to-care-for garden with a play area for your children.  The garden may be needed as a retreat where you can relax, or a place for outdoor entertaining.  Our team of professionals will renovate an existing landscape or start from scratch while minimizing the liabilities and maximizing the assets.

It’s important to allow our team of professionals to help create your master plan and give you a frame of reference and help you avoid heading off in the wrong direction.  By avoiding these pitfalls we’ll help you create an assortment of plants that will bring together unity and harmony with plan and purpose.

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